Welcome to my bow making workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg. I'm happy to offer:


Both after intensive practice and playing music, but also if it's been a while since the hair has been renewed, your bow will need a rehair. Bring your violin, viola, cello or double bass bow and I will replace the old hair with new high quality horse hair.


If something is broken or damaged, feel free to bring your bow in for repair. I'll take care of tips, leather grips and lapping, stick and frog repairs, pearl eye replacements and much more.

Frog and Button Copies

If the frog or button of your bow is damaged and can not be repaired, or if you are looking to replace the originals, I will make identical copies true to the original style.

Handmade New Bows

For violin, viola and cello I offer a selection of handmade bows for sale. If you are interested in a double bass bow, please contact me in advance.


If you have any further questions about bow repair, maintenance or purchase, please do get in touch.


If you need assistance for your instrument, I'm happy to recommend my violin making colleague Janine Wildhage with whom I share the workshop.